LABFFF Laurels Official Selection -gold with black text 400pxFiction Films In CompetitionLABFFF Laurels Official Selection -gold with black text 400px

Check out the 14 international short films that competed in the Official Selection in the Fiction category (5 - 30 minutes):




The Voorman Problem - WINNER!

12 min - UK - 2011 | dir. Mark Gill

Doctor Williams is called in to examine the enigmatic Mr Voorman, a prisoner with a peculiar affliction: he believes he is a god. The Doctor must decide on the sanity of Mr Voorman - is he a faker or a lunatic?

Starring Martin Freeman (The Hobbit; The Office) and Tom Hollander (Pirates of the Caribbean; Gosford Park), this recently BAFTA nominated film is a dark yet playful tale, based on an excerpt from number9dream, a novel by David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas).


Capture13.32.14A Better World - RUNNER-UP!

24 min - Belgium - 2012 | dir. Sacha Feiner | UK PREMIERE

Henry, dedicated citizen of a pitiless dictatorship, has worked at the Denunciation Ministry his whole life. But suddenly, the regime collapses; the cold, technocratic and paranoid world becoming at once an idyllic countryside. Henry, panicked without the rules he was addicted to, continues to follow them and seems to be the only one who misses the old regime.

This sci-fi dramedy tells an unusual tale of an admirer of a former dictatorship, unable to let it go. Director Feiner did all the compositing effects in the film himself, using only miniatures and models - no CGI. WINNER of the award for Best Acting in a Short Film at the Festival International du Film Francophone.



HeidiPhoto.jpgBest of Both Worlds

13 min - USA - 2012 | dir. Michael Dunker | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE 

Struggling to find the right girlfriend, Charlie meets Michelle and questions if he can accept it when she reveals she turns into a guy named Michael during the day. This story is about Charlie's struggle to accept the best of both worlds.

Starring Heidi Heaslet (New Girl) and Alex Ruiz (Gossip Girl), this hilarious transgender romance is directed by Michael Dunker and produced by David Lawson, who met whilst serving together in the U.S. Air Force. Official selection at the Soho International Film Festival.



presskitpic2This is A Love Story

21 min - USA - 2012 | dir. Matt DiGennaro | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Nothing is ever truly gone - it's all just somewhere else... A summer fling told from beginning to end while at the same time experienced end to beginning. What was, what is, and what we wish to be all merge in a story simultaneously heart-mending and heart-breaking.

Based on a true story, this quirky romance is directed by University of Rhode Island student Matt DiGennaro - who also plays the male lead. WINNER of the Fred Joyle Film of the Year Award, and part of the official selection for the Rhode Island International Film Festival.



5 min - France - 2012 | dir. Charbel Ka | UK PREMIERE

A former film director who has become homeless builds a camera out of recycled rubbish. Sitting in his cardboard lounge under a motorway bridge, with his camera made from bottles of scotch, he feeds his illusions - dreaming of continuing his work.

This charming and poignant comedy uses mundane everyday items to create a truly magical world where dreams have no limitations. WINNER of the Prix du Meilleur Univers at the Fest'Yves Arts 2013, and part of the official selection at the Budapest International Short Film Festival.


NewEra-still01 905New Era

8 min - USA - 2012 | dir. Erica Silverman & Zachary Taylor | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Small-town-girl Era has an adventurous heart, but bills, her job and other expectations keep her from her ambitions. Her elderly neighbour Helen begins to share her own life lessons, mistakes and deepest regrets, so that Era may live fearlessly as the parallels between their lives unfold.

This beautifully-shot coming-of-age film reminds us that "if you want something, go get it. If you're unhappy, try something new. If you feel lost, take a trip and find yourself." Official selection for the Miami Short Film Festival and Louisiana Film Prize.



7 min - Germany - 2012 | dir. Boris Seewald | LONDON PREMIERE

For some it is just an ordinary party snack, but for Patrick, a tortilla chip starts a moment of self-discovery. With exuberant dancing and magical passion, he shares his inspiration and invites every one to participate. Even his mother.

Based on a true experience, with a mostly improvised shoot and a score by award-winning composer Ralf Hildenbeutel, this truly original and entertaining film explores the concept of spontaneous authenticity - through tortilla chips and dance. WINNER of the Cinedans Jury Award 2013.



Botev Is An Idiot

9 min - Bulgaria - 2012 | dir. Deyan Bararev | UK PREMIERE

High school student Vasko has written an essay that offends and questions Hristo Botev, who is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic figure and national hero. When a teacher interrogates him in front of the whole class, he reveals that what he meant to say was something entirely different.

Director Bararev says of his powerful drama: "This film is very important to me. It is something I have felt deeply over the duration of my school years. It is something that I will be proud of, no matter what." WINNER of the award for Best Fiction Student Film at DukaFest 2012.



2999118Summers Past

11 min - Sweden - 2012 | dir. Sophia Bösch | UK PREMIERE

Is it possible to be truly free without being alone? This film tells of the challenges of young adult life - a woman seeking her identity and independence, finding loneliness, and a young man who dares to expose himself in his desire to become a father. The story of a young couple confronted with questions of independence and identity, in the face of possible parenthood.

Directed and produced by the all-female Lillemor Film collective, this coming-of-age drama aims to challenge and raise awareness of representations of gender, through telling a simple love story - exploring the longing for freedom and love at the same time.


frame  1Old Dog

23 min - Ukraine - 2012 | dir. Max Stetskov | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

A story about a Russian ambulance attendant who is punished in an extraordinary way for his negligence in the workplace. A mysterious and threatening caller alerts him to the presence of dynamite in his office, and the countdown on the explosives begins to tick...

Directed and produced by Kiev-based, actor-turned-filmmaker Max Stetskov, this tense thriller set entirely in one room explores themes of fear, mortal danger and punishment - and how all of them affect the lead character's ability to live his life freely.



9 min - Italy - 2012 | dir. Simon Pietro De Domenico | WORLD PREMIERE

Milo, a 7-year-old boy, lives in a world all of his own and does not like 'outside' interference. For this reason, he decides to record a spectacular storm of silence which engulfs his city, in order to isolate himself further.

This magical sci-fi fantasy explores a very personal aspect of what it means to be free - how we interact with or cut ourselves off from the world around us - through the eyes of insular Milo and his storm of silence.




Production still 1One Way Ticket to Paradise

5 min - USA - 2012 | dir. Fannar Thor Arnarsson | WORLD PREMIERE

The world's oldest profession is a cruel one. A woman in financial trouble begins her first ever day of prostitution, moving from one client to the next in order to survive. What price has she paid, for what she earns?

Boston-based Icelandic filmmaker Arnarsson shows us what life is like for just one of the millions of women around the world who are forced into prostitution to survive. A dark and eye-opening film, and a timely reminder of the ongoing plight of those suffering in the global trades of prostitution and sex trafficking.




7 min - Israel - 2012 | dir. Assaf Kafri | UK PREMIERE

When you discover you're tagged as Out Of Order... On his last day at work, Raizerman has to endure dry bureaucracy and fellow workers’ sympathy, just to realise that it’s really over. A story of a common middle class worker coping with retirement. 

Director Kafri says of his touching drama: "Whilst exploring the old factory which we filmed in, I found a bunch of workers' files. Suddenly my story become the story of many others, others who devoted their life to that factory, and the only record left was their forgotten file."